AD.DOG | 低熱高纖菠蘿棒 60g (預售)
AD.DOG | 菠蘿棒 60g

AD.DOG | Pineapple Stick 60g

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Bromelain improves digestion and breaks down proteins.
Recommended for children with weak stomachs, who have a chewy reaction.
Pineapple is a nutrient-dense tropical fruit.
So it can also be used in human meat dishes.
The solid part of the core is cut into thin strips and freeze-dried.
Finished with a crunchy texture dogs love.
A pineapple stick is low in calories, about 10 calories, and its dietary fiber is 1.5 times that of apples.
  • Rich in bromelain, crispy and freeze-dried
  • Promote gastrointestinal digestion
  • stimulate appetite

Weight 60g

More than 2% crude protein, 1% fat, 92% carbohydrate, 2% ash, 3% water

AD.DOG Support Company's products are all natural and carefully selected fish, fruit and protein sources under the supervision of a nutritionist.

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