BiologicVet | BioDIGEST益生菌和益生元營養粉

BiologicVet | BioDIGEST Probiotic & Prebiotic Nutrition Powder (For Cats & Dogs)

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BioDIGEST, a probiotic and prebiotic nutritional powder from BiologicVet,
is a natural supplement for gut health problems,
Effectively improve bloating, bad breath, diarrhea, constipation problems.
Rich in lignans, which help maintain proper intestinal pH,
Maintains a healthy gut environment and preserves the beneficial flora in the digestive tract.

Suggested serving size ( measurement spoon included in the package) :
Twice a day, pets take half a scoop (2.5g) per 10 pounds of body weight,
Up to 6 scoops per day, can be mixed with food.
You can also add water to make a gravy if desired.

Origin: Canada

BiologicVet is based on the science of nutrition,
According to the unique physiological characteristics of cats and dogs, a series of nutritional supplement powder formulas are designed,
Just add it to the staple food of fur kids every day,
Can strengthen the body and enhance immunity.

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The picture has tried to present the original appearance of the product as much as possible, but due to various factors of camera and computer screen settings, it may be slightly different from the real thing;
Please note that all ingredients and nutritional information are subject to those listed on the packaging;
Please understand the ingredients of the product before purchasing or using it, and avoid feeding foods that may cause pet allergies;
Please assess the risks yourself before use, and consult your veterinarian if in any doubt.
Please feed according to the serving size listed on the package;
Please pay attention to the sharp parts (if any) when opening the package;
Please store the product in a dry place not higher than 20°C and out of reach of children;
Please consume within 36 months after unpacking and check the product status before each feeding to judge whether it is suitable for feeding;