Como | Peas 天然豌豆活性碳貓砂 6L(6包裝優惠)
Como | Peas 天然豌豆活性碳貓砂 6L(6包裝優惠)
Como | Peas 天然豌豆活性碳貓砂 6L(6包裝優惠)
Como | Peas 天然豌豆活性碳貓砂 6L(6包裝優惠)

Como | Pea Cat Litter

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The local brand COMO creates natural and harmless daily necessities for fur babies, giving them the most intimate care and the owner can use it with peace of mind.

It is made from food-grade raw materials which are mainly natural pea plant fibre.  No chemicals and fragrances are added!

Eight functions of COMO cat litter:
1. Made of biodegradable ingredients which are natural and environmentally friendly;
2. Activated carbon formula, super deodorising effect, no residual odour;
3. Each grain is 2 mm in diameter - your pet will be comfortable to step on;
4. 360-degree instant water absorption, 4 times water absorption capacity;
5. Very strong coagulation force - the structure is firm after being formed into a ball, and no trace is left when scooped up;
6. Strong water absorption and coagulation power - more energy saving;
7. Low dust, protect the respiratory tract of cats and the whole family, and also prevent cat allergies or urinary tract infections;
8. Natural hydrolysis technology - dissolves in 3 seconds, can be flushed to the toilet, easy to clean.

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