Howlpot | Howly 寵物窩居
Howlpot | Howly 寵物窩居
Howlpot | Howly 寵物窩居
Howlpot | Howly 寵物窩居
Howlpot | Howly 寵物窩居
Howlpot | Howly 寵物窩居
Howlpot | Howly 寵物窩居
Howlpot | Howly 寵物蝸居

Howlpot | Howly Bed

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Howlpot's signature lifestyle product - the Howley Bed is a product designed based on the sense of security that pets like to be surrounded by.

The design team has studied the nature, instinct and habits of fur kids and adopt a semi-open design for the bed.   On the one hand, it is an exclusive quiet corner, while on the other hand, the pet can see the owner or other companion toys in front of it.   At the same time, it also meets the space requirements of different fur kids.

The colour tone of the series adopts the grey system which brings people a calm and peaceful visual effect.  Coupled with the simple design style of the triangle, it is suitable for blending into various home styles.  Whether it is put in the living room, bedroom, or side hall, it will not be out of place.

Dimensions: 45 cm ( W ) x 50 cm ( H ) x 58 cm ( L ) (refer to pictures)

Suitable for: fur kids from 3 - 10 kg

Material: 100 % cotton linen

Howlpot is a famous Korean pet household products brand combining fashion and comfort. Each product is a proud piece of work. The design is simple and elegant yet interesting. Both the fur kid and the owner can enjoy the ultimate comfortable experience.

RUFF & FETCH SHIPPING♡ Will arrive within 2 - 5 business days from the ship date.

The picture has tried to present the original appearance of the product as much as possible, but due to various factors of camera and computer screen settings, it may be slightly different from the real product;
This product is a bedding product for pets;
It is recommended to clean and disinfect regularly to avoid the growth of bacteria;
If the surface is damaged, please stop using it immediately.

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