Kyo mo gochiso日本製 狗狗蘋果甘酒
Kyo mo gochiso日本製 狗狗蘋果甘酒
Kyo mo gochiso日本製 狗狗蘋果甘酒

Kyo mo gochiso | Japanese Apple Amazake for Dogs

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  • Rich in glucosamine, amino acids and vitamin B
  • "Oligosaccharides" and "dietary fiber" that support gut health
  • stimulate appetite
  • fully hydrated
  • Antioxidant and anti

Edible method:
Please heat 15 to 30 ml of the original flavor at a time to make warm wine, dilute it with water and mix it with food

Crude protein: above 1.3% Crude fat: above 0.1% Crude fiber: below 0.14% Crude ash: below 0.01% Moisture: below 73.5% Energy: 106kcal/100g
Salt equivalent: 0%

Kyo mo gochiso
A small family (dog) is an important presence, it gives
Lots of love, joy, healing and excitement for us to fill our random days with love. One of the joys of such a family is meal time. I want you to be happy every day and say, "It's a holiday too!" It was born out of this thought. Dogs are said to spend time 5 to 6 times faster than we do. The day I went home for the first time, the day I went out together for the first time, the days when the family relationship deepened, the days when I was free, I was healthy and energetic. May small family meals be today's feast.

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