Orijen 貓糧 六種魚
Orijen 貓糧 六種魚

Orijen | Six Fish Cat Food

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Orijen has always insisted on increasing the meat content at all costs, simulating the natural diet,
Incorporates fresh meat, offal and cartilage to get the nutrients you need from nature.
Stick to wild grazing animals, no antibiotic hoarding issues.

1. The meat content is increased to 85% ;
2. 2 / 3 fresh meat, 1 / 3 baked dehydrated meat ;
3. More than 6 kinds of fresh meat provide the essential nutrients for a complete hunt ;
4. Use of pastured poultry, wild game species ;
5. Using human food grade ingredients, 90°C drying dehydrated meat to lock in nutrition and retain complete flavor ;
6. The nutrient-rich meat protein is increased to 38% - 42% ;
7. Carbohydrates do not exceed 20%, and use low-carbohydrate and low-glycemic ingredients ;
8. In line with the principle of complete prey ratio, use a variety of fresh meat to provide natural nutrients .

Orijen from Canada, founded in 1985,
For more than 30 years, we have been committed to helping cats and dogs unleash their potential,
With biological ingredients, simulating the natural diet,
Provide protein-rich foods for your cat and dog.

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The picture has tried to present the original appearance of the product as much as possible, but due to various factors of camera and computer screen settings, it may be slightly different from the real thing;
Please note that all ingredients and nutritional information are subject to those listed on the packaging;
Please understand the ingredients of the product before purchasing or using it, and avoid feeding foods that may cause pet allergies;
Please assess the risks yourself before use, and consult your veterinarian if in any doubt.
Please feed according to the serving size listed on the package;
Please pay attention to the sharp parts (if any) when opening the package;
Please store the product in a dry place not higher than 20°C and out of reach of children;
Please consume as soon as possible after unpacking and check the product status before each feeding to judge whether it is suitable for feeding.

Fresh Whole Pacific Sardines (26%), Fresh Whole Pacific Cod (9%), Fresh Whole Pacific Mackerel (8%), Fresh Whole Pacific Flounder (5%), Fresh Whole Rockfish (5%), Fresh Whole Plaice ( 5%), Whole Dehydrated Mackerel (5%), Whole Dehydrated Herring (5%), Whole Dehydrated Blue Cod (5%), Herring Oil (5%), Dehydrated Alaskan Pollock (5%), Whole Red Lentils, Whole Green Lentils, Whole Green Peas, Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil, Whole Dehydrated Sardines (1.5%), Lentil Fiber, Whole Chickpeas, Whole Yellow Split Peas, Whole Pinto Beans, Freeze Dried Cod Liver, Fresh Whole Pumpkin, Fresh Whole Butternut Squash, Fresh Whole Zucchini, Fresh Whole Parsnips, Fresh Carrots, Fresh Whole Apples, Fresh Whole Pears, Fresh Kale, Fresh Spinach, Fresh Beets, Fresh Radish, Brown Kelp, Whole Cranberries, Whole Blueberries, Whole Sasquatch Tonberry, Chicory Root, Turmeric, Milk Thistle, Burdock Root, Lavender, Marshmallow Root, Rosehip. Supplements (per kg): Nutritional Supplements: Zinc Protein: 100mg; Copper Protein: 11 mg; Choline Chloride: 1200 mg Livestock additive: Enterococcus faecium NCIMB10415: 600×10^6 CFU.

Crude protein (minimum) 42 %
Fat content (minimum) 20 %
Crude ash (maximum) 9 %
Crude fiber (maximum) 3 %
Moisture (maximum) 10 %
Calcium (minimum) 1.7 %
Phosphorus (minimum) 1.3 %
Magnesium (minimum) 0.1 %
Taurine (minimum) 0.3 %
Omega-6 fatty acids (minimum) 2.1 %
Omega-3 fatty acids (minimum) 2.1 %
DHA (minimum) 0.8 %
EPA (minimum) 0.5 %

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