Pet-Cool | Breath Care 口腔噴霧(100ml)

Pet-Cool | Breath Care Mouth Spray (100ml)

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Breath Care Oral Spray by Pet-Cool

Helps fur kids keep their mouth clean. It's best for fur kids who don't like to brush their teeth!  100% plant extract, safe and secure.

The method of use is simple, you only need to spray it on the dog's teeth, on the toothbrush, and on the food everyday.

It can prevent the formation of calculus, remove bad breath, gastrointestinal odour and prevent the proliferation of dental plaque.

Pet-Cool's exclusive technology uses 3 active ingredients to care for the mouth:
1. Zeolite is a volcanic natural mineral.  Its three-dimensional network structure can absorb impurities and effectively deodorise.
2. Cyclic polylactic acid CPL, purified by fermentation of corn and grains, is powerful decomposition of malodorous substances.
3. Grapeseed extract can inhibit bacteria that cause bad breath
and reduce its activity and inhibit the occurrence of odour.

Purified water, organic acid (cyclic polylactic acid), natural zeolite amino acid (alanine), grape seed extract and fermented alcohol

1. Shake well when using so that the zeolite is evenly distributed in the liquid.
2. Use it everyday
3. Use gauze to help clean

Usage frequency:
Once or twice a day, one to two times each time

Capacity: 100 ml

Origin: Japan

Pet Cool is a Japanese brand,
A full range of products using water separated by electrolysis,
The brand advocates nature and guarantees hypoallergenic,
Therefore, it is extremely safe and can be used with confidence every day.

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The picture shows the original appearance of the product as much as possible, but due to various factors of camera and computer screen settings. It may be slightly different from the real product. This product is only for external use, and is used for cleaning and disinfecting the surface of objects. For safety reasons, please store it out of the reach of children. Do not eat it. If you accidentally took it, please seek medical treatment immediately. Please understand the ingredients of the product before buying or using it. Please store it in a cool place and avoid direct sunlight. Please note that all ingredients are listed on the packaging prevail.