Petsoban | Barun Real Meat 濟州雞胸肉條
Petsoban | Barun Real Meat 濟州雞胸肉條
Petsoban | Barun Real Meat 濟州雞胸肉條
Petsoban | Barun Real Meat 濟州雞胸肉條
Petsoban | Barun Real Meat 濟州雞胸肉條
Petsoban | Barun Real Meat 濟州雞胸肉條

Petsoban | Barun Real Meat Jeju Chicken Breast Strips

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The vacuum packed fresh meat series produced by Petsoban, Korea is using high-quality ingredients for human consumption.  Without any colouring, sweetener, flavouring, the package is completely sealed and delicious.  Lactic acid bacteria are also added to each fresh meat to improve intestinal health and improve bowel movements.

It is 100% Jeju antibiotic-free chicken breast and 100% made in Korea.  Chicken breast is a low-fat, high-protein meat that can effectively improve physical fitness and fight fatigue.  In addition, chicken breast is also rich in taurine, which can enhance digestion, helps detoxification, and thus also enhancing immunity.

Each package of chicken breast strips is individually vacuum-packed.  Using high-barrier special packaging film, after high-pressure sterilization process, it is not easy to deteriorate even if it is stored at room temperature as long as it is not opened.  You can eat it with peace of mind.

Each package of chicken breast strips is full of gravy to helps chicken breasts maintain their moist texture.  At the same time, it locks in the flavour of the chicken breast to form a concentrated chicken essence.  Let the hairy boy taste the umami of chicken and gravy all at once.

Suitable for: Cats and dogs 3 months or older

Suggested servings per day (by body weight) :
< 3 kg, 1 piece
3 - 5 kg, 1 - 2 pieces
5 - 10 kg, 2 - 3 pieces
> 10 kg, 4 pieces

Recommended way to eat:
1. Eat right after opening, enjoy the deliciousness directly!
2. Shred and mix dry food as a side dish to improve appetite.
3. The gravy in the package is rich, let the hairy child drink it and to replenish it's system. 

Origin: South Korea

Korean brand Petsoban regards pets as family members and companions. They make a range of food and supplies.
Foodstuffs are of human consumption grade.
The whole line of food is made in Korea and they insists on high quality production. The uniquely designed three-dimensional backpack for pets is even more popular.
In addition, the company also gives back to the society.
Donate a portion of the proceeds to volunteer organisations when you make a purchase.

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The picture has tried to present the original appearance of the product as much as possible, but due to various factors of camera and computer screen settings, it may be slightly different from the real product.
Please note that all ingredients and nutritional information are subject to those listed on the packaging.
Please understand the ingredients of the product before purchasing or using it, and avoid feeding foods that may cause pet allergies.
Please assess the risks yourself before use, and consult your veterinarian if in any doubt.
Please be careful of sharp parts (if any) when opening the package.
This product is not a staple food, pets should be fed in moderation.
Please store the product in a dry place not higher than 20°C and out of reach of children.
After unpacking, it is recommended to seal it well and put it in an environment not higher than 4°C. Please eat it as soon as possible and check the product status before each feeding to determine whether it is suitable for feeding.