Pupping | Non-Slip Adjustable Pet Stairs
Pupping | Non-Slip Adjustable Pet Stairs
Pupping | Non-Slip Adjustable Pet Stairs
Pupping | Non-Slip Adjustable Pet Stairs
Pupping | Non-Slip Adjustable Pet Stairs
Pupping | Non-Slip Adjustable Pet Stairs
Pupping | 防滑可調節寵物樓梯
Pupping | 防滑可調節寵物樓梯
Pupping | 防滑可調節寵物樓梯

Pupping | Non-Slip Adjustable Pet Stairs

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Pupping's non-slip adjustable pet stairs make it easy for fur kids to get on and off furniture.  It is also an essential item to protect the joints of fur kids!  Great for puppies and older dogs with weak legs!

By studying the average behaviour and behaviour patterns of fur kids, Pupping design stairs that conform to pet engineering design.  The gentle slope and curved design allow small and medium-sized dogs to get on and off the furniture comfortably and safely.

The stairs can be adjusted to two heights.  Only by changing the stair module with Velcro, you can change the height, the operation is very simple and convenient!

In order to move around easily, the product only weighs 4.5 kg.
Does not take up space which meets the basic requirements of Hong Kong home environment.  Suitable for both living room and bedroom.

In terms of materials, they are made of non-hazardous substances, high elastic PU cotton and safety material with formaldehyde and other plasticizers.

The special non-slip dot fabric of the stairs can prevent the bottom surface from slipping. In addition, the large bottom area can maximise the anti-slip performance.  Therefore, it has excellent stability and will not slip even if it moves to different types of ground.

The outer layer is made of dense fabric that is not easy to breed bacteria and mites.  100% waterproof, removable and washable, even if it gets wet, it won't seep inside.  Just wipe it with a damp paper towel.

The fabric is also resistant to toenail scratches and does not stick to hair or dust. It is very suitable for Hong Kong families who are  busy everyday and do not clean often.

Dimensions: 94cm x 47cm x 45cm

Origin: South Korea

Pupping is a pet brand under ALZiP, a well-known Korean baby mat. It is committed to integrating baby's technology into pet mats.
Brand Pupping means Pupping + Jumping. It means to protect fur kids who love to jump!

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The picture has tried to present the original appearance of the product as much as possible, but due to various factors of camera and computer screen settings, it may be slightly different from the real product;
This product is pet bedding;
It is recommended to clean and disinfect regularly to avoid the growth of bacteria;
Avoid strong washing, which will damage the polyester surface of the product; it is recommended to use a laundry bag for cleaning, and avoid drying in a dryer;
If the surface is damaged, please stop using it immediately.