Sputnik | 牽繩
Sputnik | 牽繩
Sputnik | 牽繩
Sputnik | 牽繩
Sputnik | 牽繩

Sputnik | Leash

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Multi-functional leash, multiple ways of use and high-quality materials.  Beauty meets functionality!
  • Can be carried on the shoulders to easily free up your hands
  • 100% genuine leather with excellent hand feel
  • Strong nylon webbing
  • Easily adjustable length

(size S)
■ Size: 110-190cm long x 1.5cm wide ■ Suggest matching with S/S+ harness or S collar

(M size)
■ Size: 110-190cm long x 2.5cm wide ■ M/L harness or M/L collar is recommended

The meaning of the SPUTNIK brand comes from the Russian Sputnik space program. The Sputnik artificial satellite was launched by the Soviet Union in 1957. It took a dog named Laika.
Laika also became the first creature on earth to enter outer space.
A new milestone has been set for human space travel. SPUTNIK inherits the attitude of daring to challenge the unknown and eager to create more possibilities. It is hoped that through insights into consumer lifestyles and current popular culture,
it presents trendy style and design on pet products.
Make pet products with newer and more popular appearances to provide pets and owners with a better quality of life.

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