Trixie | 可浮耐咬互動不倒翁 環保再生系列 Be Eco 顏色隨機
Trixie | 可浮耐咬互動不倒翁 環保再生系列 Be Eco 顏色隨機
Trixie | 可浮耐咬互動不倒翁 環保再生系列 Be Eco 顏色隨機
Trixie | 可浮耐咬互動不倒翁 環保再生系列 Be Eco 顏色隨機
Trixie | 可浮耐咬互動不倒翁 環保再生系列 Be Eco 顏色隨機

Trixie | Floating and bite-resistant interactive tumbler eco-friendly recycling series Be Eco color random

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Trixie Be Eco Jumper with Band is the Be Eco series of multifunctional durable toys, made in Germany.  It is made of recycled material TPE which is also a sustainable material and very environmentally friendly!

Be Eco Ball comes with a handle which allows the master to easily hold the toy and throw it far away when playing with the dog.  Treats and dry food can be placed inside the toy to make the toy more attractive.  Besides being durable, another benefit of the toy is that it can float!  Masters can bring their toys to the beach to play with their dogs.

Note that it is not suitable for vigorous chewing!

Size: 9 / 16 cm
Color: Orange/Black/Green

Trixie is from Germany
The brand was founded in 1974
Supplies more than 6500 kinds of pet products
Provide sa variety of products
Meets the needs of different pets
Adheres to the simplicity of German cultural product design
Focuses on practicality and take into account the needs of nice appearance and durability
Environmental protection is also a key brand concept of Trixie
In addition to it's business operations, Trixie hopes to make contributions to save the earth

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Please be careful of sharp parts (if any) when opening the package;
If there are small parts inside, please do not put them in your mouth or swallow;
Check the toy frequently for signs of wear and tear;
Please play with appropriate guidance and accompaniment to prevent pets or children from accidentally swallowing accessories or fillers;
The toy is a consumable product. If the product is damaged due to severe bites, please remove or replace the toy as soon as possible;
Please assess the risks yourself before use, and consult your veterinarian if in any doubt.