Trixie | SKADI 四層木製抓柱豪華貓公寓 保育海洋系列 Be Nordic
Trixie | SKADI 四層木製抓柱豪華貓公寓 保育海洋系列 Be Nordic
Trixie | SKADI 四層木製抓柱豪華貓公寓 保育海洋系列 Be Nordic
Trixie | SKADI 四層木製抓柱豪華貓公寓 保育海洋系列 Be Nordic

Trixie | SKADI Four-Story Wooden Scratch Post Luxury Cat Apartment Conservation Marine Collection Be Nordic

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The four-storey luxurious apartment is suitable for cats of all ages.
Treat them to a life of luxury and build a kingdom of ultimate comfort!

There are two hiding chambers in the apartment, each with comfortable cushions.
Let the cat rest into the hiding place.
The entire apartment is filled with living furniture for cats, including scratching posts and scratching boards.
Cats can sharpen their claws, hide, and climb up to heights.
Ropes are also provided on both sides of the apartment for cats to chew and play with.
There is a compass pattern on the cushion, which brings out the marine style.
The overall color theme is soft and it perfectly blends into your living space.

Trixie supports marine conservation projects through the Be Nordic collection.  It contributes to sustainable environmental protection and protection of diverse species.

Bottom: 62cm x 52cm
Height: 114cm

Trixie is from Germany
The brand was founded in 1974
Supplies more than 6500 kinds of pet products
Provides a variety of products
Meet the needs of different pets
Adhering to the simplicity of German cultural product design
Focus on practicality and take into account the needs of nice appearance and durability
Environmental protection is also a key brand concept of Trixie
In addition running it's business operations, Trixie hopes to make contributions to the earth

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